The Arbitrary Gamejam Series

The Arbitrary Gamejam (TAG) is a monthly game jam with the goal of promoting small and unknown indie game developers. The winner of one month's gamejam will be "tagged" and is responsible for hosting the next month's gamejam, pulling traffic to their websites. The winner of The Arbitrary Gamejam 9 (April 2014) is Andrew Wang and Wanni Wang with The Last Polar Bear.

Check out The Last Polar Bear and the other games created in Gamejam 9.

Tenth TAG: May 2014

The Arbitrary Gamejam 10 will last for TEN days instead of the usual 2-3 day sleep-deprived frenzy. You do not have to use the full ten days if you don't need to or want to.

The experiment this month is to spread it out and allow the indie dev to get into a habit of working a little on their game each day - and see what happens. Will the games be more complete and polished? Or will procrastination and over-perfectionism rule the day and result in broken games?

The Twitter hashtag for this gamejam is #TAGJam10. Please help promote this gamejam. The shortlink for this site is http://is.gd/tagjam10.


All times are in EDT. Click the times below to view in the time zone converter.

Date Time Event
May 2 (Fri) 07:00 PM Themes announced: "broccoli", "flawed", and "sacrifice". You may begin immediately. Official start of the gamejam.
May 7 (Wed) 07:00 PM Midway point. 5 days remaining. Submissions open.
May 12 (Mon) 07:00 PM Official end of the game jamming. No more game dev for the jam should happen after this. Please try to have your game submitted by this time. There is an additional 12 hour grace period to get your game submitted.
May 13 (Tue) 07:00 AM Final Deadline for submissions (end of 12 hour grace period).
May 14 (Wed) 07:00 AM Winner announced. Judging results and playthrough/commentary videos released »


This gamejam is for indie game developers! If you think you are one, want to be one, or just want to try your hand at making a game, then this gamejam is for you. It doesn't matter if this is your first game jam or your tenth. As long as you're able to submit something by the deadline, you can participate.

There is no formal signup or registration. You can participate solo or as a team. You can even join multiple teams (example: a roaming musician who does music for different games). Or you can even abandon your solo game halfway and join another jammer. No pressure, no shame - as long as you have fun, and grow from the experience.

» I'm interested in potentially finding a team or teammate. «

Participants are encouraged to tweet with #TAGJAM10 so that we can get a rough idea of how many participants there will be, and how much time we'll need to set aside to review all the games.

For chat with fellow participants, there is also the #TheArbitraryGamejam channel on Quakenet. Either use your favorite IRC client on QuakeNet, or you can use this web chat.


The Arbitrary Gamejam is a game jam with 3 arbitrary themes, designed to promote small and unknown indie developers.

  • By using a random word generator to generate 2 of the 3 themes, TAG is intentionally arbitrary to encourage outside-the-box thinking and wild combinations. The three themes for this month's jam are: "broccoli", "flawed", and "sacrifice".
  • At the end of each TAG, the submissions are rated by the host.
  • The person who submitted the best game will be "tagged" and is responsible for hosting the next TAG.
  • The idea is, as the Gamejam grows more popular, passing the gamejam around will help small unknown indie developers pull traffic to their websites.

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